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In our trucking and shipping services are available.
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 For carriage

Carrying spot flights, Charter flights and scheduled flights, Charter flights are waiting for luggage, etc. in time long in the day-long service.
Scheduled flights is a service that you prepare for delivery in prearranged appointments.
Such as particular frequency regardless of the offer in weeks 1, 2, etc..
Is a service to arrange vehicle available when a sudden spot flight.

About the planned vehicles, light vehicles and 1 t car 2 t car 4 t up to cars and trucks offer.

Currently, the Tsukiji fish market and up light refrigerated vehicle of more than 30, we are shipping fresh fish to restaurants throughout the city.
Operations required accuracy of time is zero sum devotes oneself as a motto.

 Owned vehicle list

[This when available.

Eco-friendly cars

 Environmental GIS

That the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Japan and entered into force in 2005, Kyoto Protocol, and made a promise to the world as global warming is to reduce 6% compared to 1990. To achieve this national project, launched the "team minus 6%".

Mind does not put out the exhaust "challenge 25" and then, at that time Governor of Tokyo, Ishihara's idea in the GIS to the original idea of "get rid of exhaust gas from a truck so no Tsukiji," according to the times,"Tsukiji in flue gas 0, Japan 0 flue gas.Aim for eco-car jointly developed with Mitsubishi Motors, gave birth to only one car in Japan.
That will increase to five and 10 units in the future.

 Packing & shipping


Cheaply, quickly, and accurately motto we provide packaging and shipping.
Ships can choose a customer specified, such as courier or by mail form.
The one and one time we take a look at.